Forward-Thinking Crop & Hail Insurance

Develop a plan against nature's unpredictability with crop and hail insurance, written by our company. Stoller AG offers complete coverage tailored to meet your needs.

Knowledgeable Agents
Based on our own experience with farming, we direct you toward the coverage that properly meets the level of risk involved in growing your crop. We work with you to realize the most competitive rate available.

Protect Your Investment
Available for grain crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, our multi-peril policies help you recoup losses you may experience due to the elements or declining market prices. We offer plans from a number of established insurers, including Great American Insurance™ and™.

Additional Coverage

An additional layer of protection to the multi-peril insurance, our hail policy covers damage from falling ice as well as other natural events such as fire and wind. We also provide grain storage protection. To ensure consistency, these add-on products are provided by the same carriers as our crop insurance.